International Vacation Club

International Vacation Club (IVC) is an exclusive travel program where our members receive privileges and benefits at affiliated hotels, allowing them to discover a new way of vacationing.

Currently, IVC, through its membership allows members to receive benefits at affiliated hotels and allows them to enjoy rooms, services and exclusive areas for members.

In the same way, through the network exchange and agreements with partner companies, the member has access to more than 40,000 hotels and 150 destinations with exclusive rates for them. As well as access to enjoy excursions, car rentals, cruises, golf and yachts at special rates and with benefits only for IVC members.

Advantages of the Membership

  • Competitive rates in All-Inclusive rates
  • Access to more than 40,000 hotels in 150 countries around the world
  • Possibility of sharing membership with family and friends
  • Access to exclusive rooms in our affiliated hotels
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits at our affiliated hotels

Benefits of members

Enjoy with your family members a vacation at one of our fabulous beach hotels and receive valuable rewards through our programs.